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Number of Lessons Messages

Lessons Completed Knowledge Message
0-9 You have much to learn.
10-19 It is good to see you.
20-29 Your persistence is paying off.
30-39 You are progressing well.
40-49 You are a good pupil of mine.
50-99 You are one of my better pupils.
100-149 You keep me on my toes.
150-199 It is hard to find more to teach you.
200-249 Teaching you is a challenge.
250-299 There is not much more I can teach you.
300-349 Teaching you has taught me much.
350-399 You have attained tremendous skill.
400-449 We are nearly equals.
450-499 You may be proud of your accomplishment.
500-549 You are becoming a master of our art.
550-599 Your dedication is commendable.
600-649 You show great devotion to your studies.
650-699 You are a credit to your craft.
700-749 Few indeed are your peers.
750-799 Your devotion to the craft is exemplary.
800-899 It is always good to greet a respected colleague.
900-999 You are truly a grand master.
1000-? Let us search for more we might learn together.
MAXED There is nothing I can teach you.